Smoke-testing underway in Parsons

The City of Parsons with the help of engineers today, began smoke testing it’s sewer system. The city says it’s a safe way to detect defective plumbing in the sewer system on both the city and homeowners sides.

Door hangers will be placed on a daily basis in the areas being tested.

Some residents might see a smoke like vapor in their homes but officials say it’s harmless and odorless, similar to a fog machine. The city says if you see the smoke-vapor in your home please contact Robert Perry of Trekk Design Group at 660-216-1237.

“It’s a great way to find inflow sources being like a downspout, it starts raining, the water hits the sanitary sewer system really quick, causes a lot of problems,” says Brandon Freeman, the project manager of Trekk Design Group. “The smoke is going to find those sources, those direct connections that are easily removed as well.”

Smoke coming from under your home could mean a line is broken and smoke coming from the roof is usually from sewer vents.

Testing will be continue until the beginning of August.