Small Business Saturday brings shoppers out to support local stores during the pandemic

Because of the pandemic, many small businesses have been hit hard and this event is a way to help out.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Lacey Darnell came home for Thanksgiving and decided to stretch her stay just so she could take part in ‘Small Business Saturday’ here.

“I absolutely love all the small town boutiques that’s why I stayed home an extra few days so I could come here and I especially love Miss Daisy’s, because of the home décor especially for Christmas time and just supporting everyone from Joplin and loving everyone here.”

Given the economic climate, Darnell wanted to show her support for local businesses like Miss Daisy’s, understanding the struggle many small shop owners are facing.

“A lot of places have shut down especially being up in Kansas City now, I can see all the small places closing down and closing down now especially with restrictions being up but it’s just so important so we can keep everyone afloat.”

Small Business Saturday is an annual event that supports local business and communities across the country.

Because of the pandemic, many small businesses have been hit hard and this event is a way to help out.

“It’s been a hard year, this has been the craziest year, and it just gets people to remember there are small businesses here whether it be a restaurant or local shop like ours that it’s been a tough time, people aren’t getting out like they usually do” said Owner of Miss Daisy’s, Christy Caddy.

Caddy says she was worried the event would not happen because of the pandemic.

“This is a big weekend for us. I will say our foot traffic was pretty decent yesterday, sales were okay, today I don’t think we’ve had as much foot traffic as typical.”

And although it may not look like it has in years past, this support will help see Miss Daisy’s through.

“Do we have as many customers I would say no but were selling furniture and things too. I think people are tired of what they had, which really helped us in that department” added Caddy.

Miss Daisy’s gave away gift bags to the first ten customers who spent $150 as a way to show their appreciation for their customers and give them a reminder of the store.