Small Business Benefits From Local Partnerships

Small Business Benefits From Local Partnerships
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Chase Jordan says most of the products Bad Idea Supply Co. makes and sells is a result of it’s 5 owner-operators collaborating, experimenting, and seeing what works.

“If something doesn’t work we have to engineer and make something else,” co-owner Jordan said. “We just create everything from scratch and kind of making prototypes.”

“None of us have a background in machining or welding or fabricating at all,” co-owner Mike Sisk said. He credits much of the company’s early success to applying it’s collaboration to other area businesses.

“When we got started we really kind of went to the community to find out what kind of welders we should buy, what kind of steel suppliers should we be working with. And we found established businesses in Pittsburg,” Sisk said. “It was a big bonus for us to work with local businesses that have been doing it forever.”

Favorable financing from suppliers, assistance in setting up shop, and general guidance are all things Sisk says area businesses have contributed to Bad Idea. Collaboration that is a two way street.

“You can’t just hire people. You’ve almost got to go find the other business that have developed it on their own and hire that out,” Sisk said. “And I think you’ll see in a lot of industries they’re getting subcontractors. they’re sourcing parts from smaller companies rather than doing it in house.”

It’s that sense of collaboration which Bad Idea owners hopes make them successful, and say is going to be necessary to grow more local business.

“So what used to be really cheap to send to China to have made, now that they’re starting to charge as much as we are for wages a lot of those jobs are starting to come back home. And I think you’re gonna find that welding and machining and fabrication jobs, there’s gonna be a lot of demand for it again as producers being to bring things back here,” SIsk said.

“The good ideas are gonna come forward. And as long as we keep investing in Americans and keep investing in what we do here at home, it’s gonna be beneficial to everyone,” Sisk said.

Bad Idea celebrates it’s one-year anniversary in January.