Sinkhole closes down a portion of Junge Blvd

Junge Blvd Between Central City And Black Cat Road Closed Due To Sinkhole
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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – A sinkhole is blocking off part of Junge Boulevard in Jasper County, Missouri.

The Joplin Special Road District started taking calls yesterday about a dip in the road. It’s on Junge Blvd between Central City and Black Cat Road. That area of the road is closed.

They believe a mineshaft opened underneath. Although the asphalt was still up, there was a void underneath. Everything under it was washed away. So, the road surface was all people were driving on. Today, crews are pumping water out of the sinkhole to see how deep it goes. After that, they’ll dig it out and then fill it in.

Tom Muskrat with the Joplin Special Road District says doesn’t believe it will grow. “No, I think it’s going to be just a maybe a 4×4 foot mineshaft. We will have to cap it off with cement. But it may be a day or two before we get it all finished being Thanksgiving.”


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