Show Me Courts aimed at helping with minor tickets and misdemeanors

Allows online payments
Show Me Courts aimed at helping with minor tickets and misdemeanors

Jasper County has been a pilot for a new case management program in Missouri to help residents keep up on traffic tickets and other misdemeanors.

We’re not all perfect drivers, sometimes we’re looking down at the wrong moment when a light turned red, or you were in an unfamiliar city and turned the wrong way on a one-way. Then, the police see that one bad turn, and you get a traffic ticket. No big deal, until it’s time to take care of that ticket. Melissa Holcomb, Circuit Clerk for Jasper County says “The courts you know were open 8:00 to 5:00 and a lot of people they work 8:00 to 5:00 and it’s impossible for them to get up here and make their payments and so with case net you can get on and make your payment.”

The program is called Show Me Courts and it launched as a trial in Jasper County in November. Now, you’ll be able to go to court for your ticket, and then log in online to make payments, and for some residents who travel in the state, it’s a huge time saver. Ashley Raby says “I think it’ll be super convenient for those tickets that are a hefty fine and you’re paying over the next couple of months, or a ticket from out of town so you don’t have to go and pay the fine every month.”

The system will work with the current case net website where you’ll be able to search for your traffic ticket like you would any other case. Holcomb says “What the public is going to see is they’re going to be able to go on CaseNet, search their case, and be able to make payments on that case.”

Additonally, it’s being rolled out to cities to use as well, and some in the area are preparing to launch the program in their city. For drivers like Raby, she’s looking forward to the convenience. Raby says “I love that it’s connected to case net, it allows me to go to one place for all the information I need, and it’ll just be easier to keep track of everything.”

Holcomb says the system is being updated almost daily with several new feautres planned over the coming months. The communities in our area preparing to roll out the system for their courts include Oronogo, Carterville, and Carthage.