Shoppers show love to local businesses in Pittsburg during Small Business Saturday

10th Annual Small Business Saturday

Tis the season to shop small.

“It’s good to give back to the community that gives back to you all year” said holiday shopper, Stacy Ferraro.

The Ferraro’s came from Frontenac to shop early for Christmas. They say they’ve been shopping more local lately because of all the new businesses and restaurants opening in Pittsburg, making it a true destination.

“Just to come out and shop around kind of, plus I have been wanting to come out for maybe a month now so it’s pretty fun” added Bailey Ferraro.

Monica Ong came from Parsons with her daughter as well.

“I like to keep the money local and part of it is you don’t have to deal with the traffic like you do in the city.”

For her, it’s all about saving.

“Not only do they not have to spend the gas and the time to travel when they do come to the stores here they find neat things, and they get a discount as well.”

Small Business Saturday keeps these small shops full of customers, which keeps the store owners very happy.

“We talk about how you know it’s the local businesses that sponsor your kids sports team, its local businesses that prints those shirts for free or offers a discount for an event, so to celebrate and tell them hey we recognize you, we love, you’re huge part of our community is really important” said Brittan Brenner, Co-Owner of Sonder&Co.

She says sales are always higher on this spending holiday.

“It’s been a great day at the store and were really excited and it just makes you feel really good.”

The same can be said for Audacious Boutique.

“Sales on this day I think kind of set the tone for the holiday season, it gives us a peak at what people are wanting and buying, and we can kind of focus on that from now until Christmas” said Owner, Sydney Anselmi.

Shoppers left with bags in tow and credit cards in hand, great discounts were had, and the support of the community was shown.

The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce even offered a fun passport game to shoppers. If they went to 10 of the participating stores and got it checked off then they could enter to win one of three prize bundles.


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