Shoppers in the Four States take advantage of Sales Tax Free Weekend

Shoppers in the Four States take advantage of Sales Tax Free Weekend
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As the Sales Tax Free Weekend comes to an end in Missouri, many residents in the Four States spent the day out shopping for as many items on their back to school list as possible while the savings were in place.

For parents with children heading back to school, getting them prepared can be a drain on the pocketbook.

“It’s real expensive because their feet grow probably three inches a year,” said Travis Sills, parent. “It seems like we buy three or four different pairs of shoes, so it’s expensive.”

Some say that expense continues to grow each year.

“When they’re little, they kind of take what you want them to wear, but as they get older, we start getting Under Armour and Nike,” said Rhonda Gorham, parent. “It gets a little more expensive as they get older.”

Gorham says she also has the extra expense of finding new volleyball gear for her 7th grade daughter, Jessica, which is why they took advantage of the tax-free opportunity.

“The discount is good enough that it lets you get one more item,” Gorham said. “Depending on how much you spend, you can get that one extra item, which is great.”

And many others also sought the same savings.

“It’s always nice to have just that little bit extra off,” said Karen Brock, parent.

“Everything counts,” said Elizabeth Sills, parent.

“It’s enough to bring people in to shop specifically for that reason,” said Shawn Rosier, Assistant Manager, Academy Sports & Outdoors.

Academy Sports & Outdoors in Joplin operated at full staff all weekend.

“A lot of them will try to get it all at once, so that makes it a little bit hectic, but it makes it a lot of fun too,” Rosier said.

Rosier says it was a successful tax-free weekend overall.

Many of the kids are now feeling more ready to go back to school.

“I feel so excited because I can see my old friends from school that I never see in summer,” said Sierra Keatts, 3rd grader.

“I feel really excited to see my teachers,” said Avian Monroe, 5th grader.

Oklahoma and Arkansas also had tax-free holidays this weekend, but Kansas does not have a Sales Tax Free Weekend.