Shop Owners Learn How to List Their Businesses on Google

Shop Owners Learn How to List Their Businesses on Google
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For Webb City quilt shop owner Betty Ansley, social media is a must.

She recently moved her shop, “Gifts From Lane 184” from Hall Street to Webb Street.

She says, “The first couple of months had I not been online and been on Facebook some of my regular customers would have not known where I went.”

To keep the customers coming she’s attending a workshop to learn how to list her quilt shop on Google.

You can add your phone number, website, business hours, upload photos, and write an introduction to your listing information which can help reach potential customers.

“Not all small businesses have the marketing budget to be able to get a website, you know a full functioning website right away, or the pretty website that they want. But claiming these things, having this type of tool behind helps them to begin to get that business listing, get that business recognition online,” says MSSU Marketing & Outreach Specialist Sherry Noller.

Listing your business on Google is simple. Just go to which stands for “Get Your Business Online” and input your information. Once that’s done all you really need to do is wait for a postcard in the mail from Google and you’re good to go.

“You know for marketing and things small businesses need every opportunity they can to be found by their customers and with people being on their smart phones more often and using those searches quite a bit, every little bit helps them,” says Noller.

According to Google, businesses with an online presence are set to grow 40% faster than those don’t, results that give promise to small business owners like Betty.

“My generation is not always real tech savvy and the generations below us are, and to keep the art of quilting going I need to be within that social media and internet advertising for those generations,” she says.

Missouri Southern will be hosting another Google workshop in Neosho tomorrow from 8:30-10:30am at the Neosho Chamber of Commerce.