Sheriff Hall speaks on body found in McDonald County

Homicide investigation is underway

UPDATE: Sheriff Hall, on Wednesday, July 31st, said they are working on different information from the public and other law enforcement agencies in regard to the investigation. He adds nothing is solid as of now.


The McDonald County Sheriff’s office received a call Monday evening about a body found alongside Highway 59 between Noel and Ginger Blue.

“We got deputies over there, secured the area, and we did find the body of a female” said McDonald County Sheriff, Michael Hall.

The body was found by a local bicyclist on a steep hillside. A suitcase was also found near the body.

“The body was found outside the suitcase it was down the hill the suitcase was kind of further up the hill than the body was from what I understand” added Sheriff Hall.

The McDonald County coroner said the body is in the advanced stages of decomposition, and they don’t know the age, identity or how long the body has been there yet.

The body was found only a short ways north of Shady Beach campground. The owner, Carson Adamson says that he has always known the area to be safe but that this discovery makes him feel uneasy.

“It makes you feel uneasy, you think you know what’s going on all the time and then you hear this and then it kind of worries you who the person was.”

“It’s unsettling” added Adamson.

Sheriff Hall says they believe the body was inside of the suitcase originally, and eventually fell out as the suitcase deteriorated.

He says there are multiple theories being looked into as to how the body got there.

“It’s still too early to determine what actually transpired on how the suitcase got there, someone threw it out of a car or you know threw it off the hillside from the county road from above there, there’s a county road that goes above the highway there so it could have been…there’re several theories.”

The body was transferred to Springfield for an autopsy on Tuesday Evening.

“We’ll just hope that we can identify her with different ways and it may take DNA, which could take a while” added Sheriff Hall.
This case is being treated as a homicide.
If anyone has any information, you are asked to contact the McDonald County Sheriff’s office investigators at 417-223-4318.


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