Sheldon’s Lamb signs Letter of Intent

Lamb will play football at Peru State in Nebraska
Sheldon’s Lamb signs Letter of Intent

Growing up, Sheldon senior Bryce Lamb didn’t think he would have a chance to play high school football, much less college football.

“I went into the board meeting. I gave my piece. Some of my friends went in there, and we got it.”

Prior to the 2018 football season, Sheldon High School and Stockton High School co-opted to form one high school football team, giving Sheldon student-athletes their first opportunity to be on a high school field.

“I was ecstatic,” Lamb says, “It had been brought up at board meetings years before. I think seven years straight. But this last year is my senior year and I was like ‘man, I really want to play football.'”

Lamb was one of eight Sheldon student-athletes to join the Stockton-Sheldon team. Four of those, including Lamb, earned All-Conference recognition.

Lamb led the team in rushing with more than 600 yards and scored 7 touchdowns.

Prior to last season, Lamb hadn’t played organized football since playing “Mighty Mights” in sixth grade. “Mighty Mights” is a little league program that has been in town for 11 years, serving kids from Sheldon and Bronaugh.

Lamb always knew he wanted to play college football, but wasn’t sure he would get the recognition from colleges after playing just one season in high school.

“It was always in the back of my mind,” Lamb adds, “I knew it was something I wanted to do. So I just kept pushing it. Trying to go that extra mile to try to prove myself in the short amount of time that I had.”

His extra work has paid off, earning Lamb a full ride to play football at Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska. He is the first ever Sheldon student-athlete to sign to play football in college.

“I visited other schools in the area like SBU and Evangel. But Peru State just seemed like a family. There’s about a teacher for every 22 students. So not only do I have good shot with my athletic abilities, but I can also accomplish a degree and graduate.”

Lamb will major in Pre-Law, and hopes to be a Intellectual Property attorney.

After missing out on three years of high school football, he’s excited to get to continue his career at the next level.

“I feel this it’s coming back to me for the years I’ve missed. It was a lot of hard work. Football is the best sport there is, and I’m just glad to get to play at the next level.”

Being given the opportunity to play high school football has opened doors for the Sheldon senior. He’s hoping the co-op between Stockton and Sheldon will continue, and the players that follow him will get the same opportunities.

“I really hope the co-op with Stockton sticks around and these younger guys get to experience the opportunities I have,” Lambs says, “I hope I put the foot in the door for those guys, that way they’ll be able to be looked at, get noticed and be able to get to school”