Shawn Rockers family and friends celebrate his life at gathering

Shawn Rockers was murdered January 11th, 2019
Shawn Rockers family and friends celebrate his life at gathering

As a kid, Shawn Rockers favorite spot was at Shoal creek at what used to be a large tree trunk with a swing attached.
That spot is now a place where his family and friends are gathering to celebrate his life.

“I feel lost, didn’t get to celebrate his birthday like we usually do you know Isaiah didn’t understand why daddy wasn’t there for his birthday so it was hard” said Shawn’s fiance, Adrianne Grimes.

Rockers’ birthday was on May 30th, and he would have been 28 years old.

On January 11th, Rockers was stabbed to death by Michael Osborne. Osborne was arrested on January 30th in Washington where he had fled. The justice was bittersweet however for Shawn’s friends, who are still reeling from the loss.

Shannon Forkner said, “There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about him.”

“He’s a good person Shawn was, he was a gentleman” said Debbie Sanchez.

“Hopefully you know he can see us and look down and know that we all really did love him and that we were here for him” said Stephanie Anderson.

Shawn’s family decided to give friends and family at the celebration some of his ashes as a way to remember him by.

Canddi Rockers mother says it is something he would have wanted.

“Shawn would have wanted that, Shawn would’ve wanted himself spread around because so many people loved him.”

Canddi never got to say goodbye to her son but this gathering is helping her lay him to rest…while still keeping his memory alive.

“Today I say goodbye to my hero, my life, and I don’t want Joplin to forget him.”

Rockers family and friends spread the rest of his ashes over the spot he once loved so much.

“We’ll never fully heal, never, it’s never something that you’re going to be able to let go of” added Canddi.

Lanterns with notes to Shawn were also released at the gathering.