Shaley Rochelle Leon

January 16, 1990 - March 06, 2020

Shaley Rochelle Leon was born January 16, 1990, in Anchorage, Alaska, to Paul Leon and Jerideann (JD) Miller. Shaley was born at 25 weeks. She weighed 1 pound and 12 ounces and was a little longer than a pencil. She had cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, and many other health needs.

Shaley lived in Norfolk, Virginia, and was lovingly cared for and cherished by Donna Regula while her mom was still active in the military. Shaley came to Independence, Kansas, to live with her Dad in 1995.

Starting in 1997, Shaley received home care services from many wonderful nurses and friends. In July 1998, Shaley moved to Altamont, Kansas, to live with Cheryl, Julie, and Dana Mahan. It was quickly known who ruled the roost! In 2006, Shaley and Cheryl moved to Coffeyville, Kansas, where Shaley got the master bedroom which was renamed the Princess Suite. Shaley was loved by Cheryl, Julie, Wes, Dana, Larry, and Cheryl’s 7 grandchildren, along with all the extended family just like she was their own.

Shaley is survived by JD and Manny Pulido of Filmore, California; Paul and Tamara Leon of Chanute, Kansas; Cheryl Mahan of the home; Julie (Mahan) and Wesley Rummell, Larisa, Brianna, Kierra, and Ethan of Independence, Kansas; Dana (Mahan) and Larry Jones, Kartyr, Karlye, and Kylar of Independence, Missouri; other siblings; grandparents; aunts; uncles; and a host of friends that dearly loved her.

Burial will be at the East Ethel Reece cemetery, Barnsdall, OK, on highway 123.