Severe weather reports from overnight storms

Nothing tornadic to report, thankfully

As advertised, we did see some severe weather from our t-storms late Sunday night and early this Monday morning. With our setup, we didn’t have to worry about any tornadoes spinning up anywhere in our area. However, the storms did produce hail and wind gusts for some of us. With the cluster of t-storms that developed in northeastern Oklahoma and worked to the east, that produced 62 mph wind gusts as it passed over Nowata in Oklahoma. Along the journey, the gusts between 50 and 60 mph downed some tree limbs in Miami, damaged a few barns in Wyandotte and produced some damage to the underpinning of a mobile home near Neosho. As for hail, the reports we picked up showed the sizes ranging between penny-size hail (.75″) and half-dollar size hail (1.25″). Fortunately, we’re staying quiet for this evening while we keep an eye on additional t-storm chances for the next few days.