Severe storms and heavy rain leave their mark in Newton County

Wind damage reported, flash flooding a concern

Severe thunderstorms packing strong winds and heavy rain moved through the four-states today, leaving some damage in their wake. Wind damage was reported in Newton County, as well as flash flooding.

Thursday morning started off with a bit of a weather bang for Neosho resident Joshua Massey. Massey says “Just at work, and my neighbor called me and said he thought that the roof to my barn shed had ended up in his house, so, I rushed home and came home to this with metal scattered everywhere and all sorts of junk gone.”

Meteorologist Nick Kelly confirms a report of straight line winds from the National Weather Service four miles west of Neosho. That report lists damage to trees, as well as the damage you see here to Massey’s shed.

As the storms moved through and more developed through the day, flash flooding was a major concern. These are photos from the Studio 49 salon along Highway 86 near Gateway Drive in Neosho. Owners there posted on Facebook saying they had to close early due to the flooding. Newton County Emergency Manager Charla Geller says it’s important to take flash flood warnings seriously. “Flash flooding is just that, it’s flooding that occurs very quickly within a flash, often times authorities will not have time to get out there and put barricades over the roadways so we ask the citizenry use what we call situational awareness.”

Geller says that means being continuously aware of the weather conditions and to make sure you’re watching closely for water over the roadway. In addition, she shared these photos of roads in the county from earlier this spring as a reminder that looks, can be deceiving. “The roadway looks fine, but the water has come in underneath the road and we call that undermining, and it’s taken away the integrity of the roadway, we also might have areas where the road could be washed away from the water and you just can’t see it.”

Geller says the number one thing to remember, is turn around, don’t drown.

There was also some road damage near the intersection of Unicorn and Beech Roads in the northeastern part of the county due to flooding from this morning.


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