Several recent, suspicious fires in SE KS have residents asking, “What’s going on?”

Several recent, suspicious fires in SE KS have residents asking, “What’s going on?”

Police hope a fire in McCune, Kansas last Friday is not connected with five other suspicious fires in McCune, from September to November of last year. But as of now, they are all being grouped into one, frustrating case for detectives.

As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of McCune was 405. As of September of last year, there have been six suspicious fires in this city.

“Scared,” says Jackie McGuire.

No one has been arrested in connection with the fires.

“Ugh. I don’t know,” says McGuire.

That disgust is coming from Jackie McGuire, who lives across the street from where three of the fires have still left their marks, either by a charred building or now bulldozed land. McGuire thinks the suspect isn’t from the area.

“Because I don’t think they would have known it was empty,” says McGuire.

And that’s one of the common things to all of the six fires; Crawford County Sheriff Dan Peak says all but one have been inside abandoned homes.

“No Utilities to the buildings. Really, they are homes or buildings that have not been used for some time,” says Peak.

Only one fire was inside an inhabited but unoccupied home.

Sheriff Peak says different people own the different properties, and suspects drugs had nothing to do with the fires. So if you’re reading this story, scratching your head because you’ve been trying to play detective to come up with leads but have so far reached nothing, you are not alone.

Sheriff Peak has a message for everyone.

“Anything suspicious that they noticed on that night, any kind of activity, we encourage them to call us here at the sheriff’s office,” says Peak.

Here’s a message to the people of McCune…

“People are paying attention to who’s going down the street and what’s going on,” says McGuire.

Sheriff Peak says keep that up while detectives continue to investigate.

“We do have persons of interest who we are keeping tabs on,” says Peak.

Nearby residents say all of the suspicious fires have happened at the start of or during weekends.