Seniors will work for new living complex rather than be charged

A unique opportunity for senior citizens is coming to Joplin. Oasis Village, a Joplin non-profit organization, has bought a 10 acres of land near McClelland Park to build a community living complex for healthy, low income seniors.

The director of Oasis Village says the upcoming community will be funded by the work of the residents and in return they will live there free of charge.

They will be required to volunteer 20 hours a week around the village.

Members of the board met late last week to discuss the progress of construction.

They say the concept of the village is to help improve the quality of life for seniors.

“This is really innovative and it allows people to have a communal living opportunity where they still have their independence and have people looking out for them and they can afford to live when they don’t have to pay that monthly fee,” says Stephanie Brady, administrative consultant for Oasis Village. “They are volunteering their time, still staying active, but really having a community to participate in.”

The director hopes to have the housing built by January.

Interviews for potential residents will be 90 days before it opens.

Right now the project is funded by private donations from individuals and businesses but once Oasis Village is up and running no outside funding will be needed.

The director says the residents volunteer work will cover all the Villages’ expenses.

They are not seeking government assistance.