Seneca Special Road District Not To Dissolve

During the weekly business meeting, the Newton County Commission unanimously voted NOT to dissolve the Seneca Special Road District.

The 2015 road season turned out to be a productive year. The County Commissioners cited the measurable increase in funding for the district since the passage of a sales tax that has been committed to road improvement. During a February meeting, the petition group agreed with the County Commissioners, that progress had been made.

As in the past, the County and the adjoining special road districts will continue to help with training, special projects and other assistance.

The Commission feels confident that the citizens will select qualified district commissioners and build a superior leadership team while maintaining the opportunity for them to have a say as to how their road district is managed. The Commissioners encourage citizens to remain patient and supportive.

The Newton County Commission wishes to extend their thanks to those patrons who have served as commissioners for the Seneca Special Road District over the years. “We have all the confidence that the district has every potential to meet the needs of their citizens.”

Seneca Road District Highlights:

2015 monies that were available for the Seneca Road District during the road season reflected approximately twice as many miles of completion compared to the prior year.

2014 approximate funds available ($616,000)

Levy- $223,000

Sales Tax- $237,000

CART- $156,000

2015 approximate funds available ($619,000)

Levy- $204,000

Sales Tax- $255,000

CART- $160,000

2016 approximate anticipated funds available ($660,000)

Levy- $210,000

Sales Tax- $288,000

CART- $162,000