Seneca rolls out “Kid Account” program, increases student security

System checks against registered sex offenders

The Seneca School District rolls out a web-based program to add an extra layer of security for students.

“You are good to go, thank you sir.”

As cars roll through the pick-up line at Seneca Elementary, parents hold out their new Kid Account cards.

“They scan and find out who we are and then we’re approved and that’s it,” said Ruby Jennings, in line to pick up her granddaughter.

It’s a pretty straightforward process for parents and teachers, and it means the school can account for each and every child as they’re dismissed.

“It will automatically pull up that kid’s information card in our student information system, and then we’re able to see this is a confirmed person who can pick up the student, and then they check that their parents are here, and it relays it to a person inside…and it shows that ‘Okay, Joe Smith’s parents are here,’ and it gives them the okay to get in the car,” explained Seneca Superintendent Brandon Eggleston.

The car line is just one feature offered through Kid Account. The visitor management system is what originally got Seneca interested.

“We wanna know people that are coming and visiting our schools. Are they safe for our kids, being here? This system actually ID’s the visitors, takes their picture, prints a badge out and runs them against the sex offender registry,” Eggleston stated.

Some are still getting used to the program, but overall, parents are a fan of anything that’s keeping students safe.

“You know even if it was a little bit slower, it’s protecting your kids so it’s not a big deal at all.”

“I think it’s a good program. I’m all behind it.”

Seneca is implementing Kid Account for students in Pre-K through 6th grade.

It’s costing $33,000, but Freisttat Mutual Insurance is picking up the cost for the next three years.

The program also limits calls to classrooms, limiting distractions, essentially doing away with the traditional note system. Additionally, officials say the new program has shaved off 10 minutes of dismissal time.

Cards are free, but cost $2 to be replaced, if lost.

The Mt. Vernon School District utilizes Kid Account, and the Cassville School District is planning on using the program also.


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