Seminar helps law enforcement and others recognize endangered children

Law enforcement, prosecutors, and social service providers attend in a special training sponsored by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in Miami, Oklahoma.

The Bureau says there’s been a surge in meth labs over the past several years and there’s also been incidents of children harmed in homes where drugs are being manufactured.

Officials talked about how police, teachers and others can notice signs of a child endangered by living in a drug-filled home and discussed the warning signs from alcohol and marijuana to synthetic drugs and bath salts.

“Parents that are addicted and abuse drugs aren’t taking care of their children like they should so we need to kind of intercede with those children so we can protect the children,” says Dub Tuner of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

About 60 people attended Monday’s seminar in Oklahoma.

Training sessions are also being held in Edmond, Oklahoma.