SEK Woman Accused of Embezzling $5 Million

SEK Woman Accused of Embezzling $5 Million

4/14/2017: A summer trial date is set for Nirschl. The trial is set for June 20th on an eight-one count Federal indictment accusing her of embezzlement and money laundering.

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3/29/2017: A federal indictment names a Southeast Kansas woman, accusing her of embezzling more than $5 million. Nita Rae Nirschl of Parsons allegedly embezzled money from the Parsons Pittsburg Credit Union over a 4 year time span. She was an employee there and now faces an 81 count federal indictment.
Court documents show that Nirschl is accused of embezzlement, money laundering and attempted tax evasion.
Bill Fleischaker, an attorney who is not involved in this case, says these situations usually involve someone who is higher up in a financial institution.
“The documents allege she would take the money out, put it in a personal account either of hers or her husband’s and then later she would take the money out using ATMs. The vast majority of the purchases appear to have been ATM withdrawals at casinos,” says Fleischaker.
The documents also indicate she failed to report the money in her taxes and bought property using the stolen money, including land in Miami and a car.
“Those counts ask that those properties be forfeited back to the government. Usually what happens is the government attempts to sell those assets in order to recoup money to go back to the creditors,” says Fleischaker.
A 2014 audit of the credit union pointed to the possibility of the illegal activities. The Parsons Pittsburg Credit Union was liquidated that same year and bought by Golden Plains Credit Union. Depositors in the credit union didn’t lose money because of this but the shareholders of the bank could have been impacted.
Fleischaker says if Nirschl is found guilty, she could face jail time.
“I’m sure the guidelines are going to call from a sentence from anywhere from 4 to 10 or 12 years,” he says.
Nirschl will make her initial court appearance on April 12th. We reached out to her for comment and got no response.