SEK-CAP announces homeless housing applications

former homeless woman supports rental assistance programs

Krissy is a woman living in Pittsburg who used to be homeless. She didn’t want to give her whole name, but spoke to KOAM about how the city’s rental assistance program helped her get off the street.

“Once I got a roof over my head, I got this job. And you know, I’ve just been doing really well from there on,” said Krissy.

A similar program on a much larger scale will soon be taking applications.

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance program from the Southeast Kansas Community Action Program has a bit more than $400,000 in grant money which will be used to help Kansans who are certified by a social service agency as homeless or about to become homeless.

“Everybody’s assistance level is going to be different. It’s based on their income. So if a household has zero income, then chances are we’re going to be paying the full amount of rent until they’re able to find a job,” said SEK-CAP Housing Director Timi Myers.

But the Tenant Based Rental Assistance program, or TBRA, does a lot more than just help with rent. It also puts participants in touch with people like Lou Ann Colyer, a housing self sufficiency coordinator who does everything from helping former homeless get back into school, develop job skills, and be better parents.

She says the TBRA is a life saver, especially for the 46% of last year’s participants who were domestic violence survivors.

“(It will) help get them from living in the streets, in the parks, in the car, to getting away from violence that’s sending them to the hospital or worse,” said Colyer.

The program isn’t just for Crawford County. Allen, Bourbon, Cherokee, Chautauqua, Elk, Labette, Linn, Montgomery, Neosho, Woodson and Wilson County are also covered.

Applications will start being accepted on the 17 of January. If you’d like to fill one out, check out this link to the SEK-CAP’s website.