SEK Art Fest delayed until early June

News release issued by the City of Pittsburg

The inaugural SEK Art Fest in downtown Pittsburg will likely begin a month later than planned due to a manufacturing delay.

Originally slated to begin on May 1, SEK Art Fest is now tentatively scheduled to begin during the first week of June when the 26 giant fiberglass coal buckets will be placed along Broadway.

“It was our hope that we could roll out the coal buckets on May 1, but it turns out that making the buckets takes a little longer than we first thought,” co-coordinator Steve Robb said. “We have been in constant contact with the coal bucket manufacturer, and they have been hampered by severe cold and heavy snows where the plant is located. They are about three to four weeks behind, and we have to allow our artists time to complete their work before the buckets go on display. It’s still going to be a very exciting event, but we’ll just have to wait a few extra weeks to get it going.”

To fill the time gap, in late April, nearly 30 metal mini-coal buckets decorated by area school art students will go on display in downtown store windows. The exact date and location for the public unveiling will be announced soon.

“We love it that the area schools have gotten involved in SEK Art Fest, and the unveiling of their art work will be the perfect opening act for this year’s event,” Robb said.

The theme of the art exhibit is “Mining Memories” to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Southeast Kansas region.

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