Second time this week, Kansas Highway Patrol cruiser struck

Officers were not seriously injured in both crashes, Move Over Law has been in place for more than a decade in Kansas
Patrol car KHP

Trooper was trapped inside cruiser initially and fire crews has to use the Hurst Tool former known as Jaws of Life.

KHP Trooper patrol car

Trooper was able to go home with family Saturday night. All images courtesy Kansas Highway Patrol.

SHAWNEE COUNTY, Kan. — This is the 2nd Trooper that has been struck on the side of a Kansas highway in less than a week.

Master Trooper White had just finished assisting a motorist that had stopped on the shoulder on the Kansas Turnpike just south of Topeka. His vehicle was struck by a commercial motor vehicle that failed to move over for him and he was initially trapped inside his vehicle.” — KHP

The officer was transported to the hospital but officials state the officer will be okay. He was able to go home with family Saturday evening.

EARLIER THIS WEEK 👉🏽 Commercial Vehicle Inspection, Kansas Patrol Trooper slammed on interstate 

“Only 3 feet separates us from traffic,” KHP state in a media release, “keeping first responders safe is the 1st line of keeping our highways safe.”

KHP Trooper struck.

This Trooper was struck while performing a commercial vehicle inspection on I-70 earlier this week.


Fire crews use the Hurst Tool to extricate Trooper from vehicle. Formerly known as the Jaws of Life.