School District: Student death investigation ongoing in Webb City

Webb City Schools Student Death Investigation Ongoing
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WEBB CITY, Mo. – Webb City school officials say there’s an ongoing investigation after the death of a student. They say they are working with local authorities regarding the events that lead to the death.

KOAM has been calling for information about the incident that happened on May 5, 2022. In response to local media asking for that information, the Webb City School District released the following today (May 16, 2022).

“Cardinal Community:

The district has been asked by local media to provide information regarding the events that took place on May 5th that resulted in the death of one of our students. The Webb City School District responded by contacting local authorities, emergency personnel, and followed the District’s Crisis Plan. As part of the District’s Crisis Plan, Administration met with the parents’ representative on May 5th before releasing any information to staff and students. Counselors have been provided for staff and students who may need additional support. This is an ongoing investigation, and the district has and will continue to fully cooperate with the local authorities throughout the process.”

Neither the District nor the police has spoken about how the student died. They did not release the name of the student to the media.

(This is a developing story. Watch for updates as they are released)