SCAM ALERT – Neosho PD says Publishers Clearing House scam going around again


On February 25th, the Neosho Police Department responded to the 200 block of South Washington Street to investigate financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled RSMO 570.145. Upon arrival, it was learned an elderly lady was contacted via phone by two individuals. The victim was told that she had won two million dollars from the Publishing Clearing House Sweepstakes. The victim was told all she needed to do was pre-pay the processing fees and taxes on the winnings. In return, $7,000.00 was sent via United States Postal Service to Union City, GA.

Once police were notified of this, Sgt. Humphries contacted a United States Postal Service Investigator and informed him of what had taken place. Sgt. Humphries was told at that time that this is a pretty common occurrence and they will work with the Neosho Police Department on attempting to intercept the delivery.

The Neosho Police Department was notified 02/26/2014, by an Investigator with the postal service, that the package had in fact been intercepted before delivery. The package will be sent back to the victim and the United Stated Postal Service, along with the Neosho Police Department, will continue to investigate the case.

The Neosho Police Department warns the public to be cautious of these types of phone scams.

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