Saturday Blog: Severe weather chances Saturday evening -Doug

Saturday Blog: Severe weather chances Saturday evening -Doug

7 Saturday

Thunderstorms continue to increase on the KS and OK side and start diving SE through the evening hours.

10 Pm Saturday

By 10 or 11pm we should switch over to just a hail and wind threat, with also a flash flood through.  The first several hours though, we will also have a tornado threat.  Heavy rain continue into Sunday morning before things start to calm down on Sunday.  Long range forecast is below.


Next Thursday through Saturday:  Warming up with thunderstorms Thursday through Saturday.  The best chance will be Saturday with a severe threat.

May 1st-7th:  A mild start to the week but warming up by mid week.  Thunderstorm chances Wednesday through Friday with a severe threat on Friday.

May 8th-14th:  A warm storm with thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday, most likely severe.  Cooler for the middle of the week.  Mild temperatures back in the rest of the week with  thunderstorms by the weekend.

May 15th-21st:  Cooler start to the week with thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday.  We warm up toward the weekend with Saturday thunderstorms, most likely severe.