Saturday Blog: Severe threat by next Tuesday. -Doug

Saturday Blog: Severe threat by next Tuesday. -Doug

Rock Chalk!  So proud of KU, but boy they need to play much better on Sunday.  Weather looks pretty good for the weekend.  We will dodge a ton of clouds, but overall we look great.  Near 60 on Saturday.


Sunday, also looking pretty good with highs into the lower 60s.


We really warm up on Monday and Tuesday.  However, Tuesday evening, shower and thunderstorms develop and we will have a severe threat.

Tuesday Evening

Showers and thunderstorms with heavy amounts of rain into Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Am

We do have a smaller window but a window Wednesday afternoon for another round of strong to severe thunderstorms.

Wednesday Pm

Turning cooler with showers sticking around into Thursday morning.  Check out the long range forecast below.


Next Friday and Saturday:  Warming back up by the weekend but also some weekend chances.

April 3rd-9th:  Chilly start to the week but warming up through the week.  Thunderstorm chances on Wednesday, Thursday &  Saturday.  We do need to watch for severe chances around the 7th.

April 17th-23rd:  Mild with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday.  Warming up through the week with thunderstorms Friday and Saturday, most likely severe.

April 24th-30th:  Mainly a mild week with Monday thunderstorms.  Then again chances for storms Thursday through Saturday.

May 1st-7th:  A warm week with thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday, most likely severe.  Thunderstorms Thursday and Friday, also most likely severe.

May 8th-14th:  A warm storm with thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday, most likely severe.  Cooler for the middle of the week.  Mild temperatures back in the rest of the week with  thunderstorms by the weekend.

May 15th-21st:  Cooler start to the week with thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday.  We warm up toward the weekend with Saturday thunderstorms, most likely severe.