Saturday Blog: Fantastic weekend and a look at wintry weather next week. -Doug

Saturday Blog: Fantastic weekend and a look at wintry weather next week. -Doug

We made it to the weekend and championship weekend!  I can’t wait!  So pumped!  Okay weather, the weekend will be fantastic.


50s on Sunday and 60s on Monday.  Oh please do enjoy, let dive in.  Showers develop late Tuesday.

Tuesday Evening

An arctic front will drop in Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  However, like always around here, it will stall just south of us and put us on the rain/ice line once again on Wednesday.  Here is Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Am

Freezing rain will start to take over during the day on Wednesday.  Eventually we will most likely switch to sleet.

Wednesday Evening

Most likely Wednesday night and into Thursday morning we will transition from sleet over to snow.

Thursday Am

Very cold temperatures by Thursday with snow showers.  If we have a snow pack we could easily drop near 0.  But this is all a big IF!  This is 4-5 days away.  Will we have a storm system?  Yes.  Will we get rain? yes.  Will we have ice?  most likely.  Will we have snow?  Most likely.  But this system won’t track exactly like the data is projecting it right now.  So I need to watch and adjust.  If things are still looking pretty messy by Monday, I will start throwing amounts down.  But if we don’t see much changes with the data the next few days, then this could be a decent little event.  For now, enjoy the weekend!  Go Chiefs!  Long range forecast below.


Next Friday – Saturday: Staying cold with some snow showers on Saturday.

Feb 6th-12th:  Most of the week cool with rain or snow chances on Monday, which could be accumulating.  We do warm up a bit by Friday with thunderstorms, then colder with rain or snow chances on Saturday.

Feb 13th-19th:  A cold start to the week with mild temperatures and rain chances returning by Tuesday.  Staying mild with thunderstorms possible on Thursday, then much colder with rain and snow chances on Friday and Saturday.

Feb 20th-26th:  The first half of the week cold but mild temps the second half of the week.  Slight chances for rain on Thursday and Friday.

Feb 27th-March 5th:  A mild start on Sunday and Monday, then cool the rest of the week.  Rain chances on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Best chances on Wednesday and Friday.

March 6th-12th:  Cool all week with rain or snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  Much colder through the middle of the week with rain or snow chances returning by Friday.