Saturday Blog: Chilly but nice weekend. Long range forecast. -Doug

Chilly but nice weekend. Long range forecast. -Doug

We made it to the weekend!  It is cold but we made it to the weekend.  First off, I will do the winter forecast on Thursday, December 2nd.  We have just now completed the first cycle of the new Heady Pattern.  Now that we have gone through one cycle, I get a very strong handle on what to expect for the winter and spring.  I have started to put it together but I wanted to let you guys now when to expect it.  Also, remember my long range forecast is posted below.

A very cold start to the weekend but overall Saturday looks good.


We will have a weak wave Saturday night and early Sunday morning that will give us some clouds and a few random showers, but that is about it.

Sunday Am

Sunday still a little chilly but we will at least get into the mid 50s.



However, right back into the 70s on Tuesday!  Our next system with decent rain chances rolls in next Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms.

Wednesday Pm

Long range forecast below.


Next Friday and Saturday: Cool temperatures with showers on Saturday.

November 21st-27th: A chilly start but a nice midweek warm up into Thanksgiving.  Then we turn sharply colder by Black Friday.  Showers on Sunday, then rolling back in late Wednesday with thunderstorm chances on Thanksgiving.  Rain or possibly snow on Black Friday.

November 28th-December 4th: Mild for much of the week. We will trend cooler for Thursday and Saturday, though. We’ll watch for slight rain chances Tuesday and rain for Wednesday. Another system will bring t-storms our way for Friday and showers for Saturday.

December 5th-11th: Cool for Sunday before we turn colder for Monday. Chilly Wednesday before we turn mild for Thursday and Friday. Cool again by Saturday. We’ll have rain chances on Sunday. Dry for much of the week until rain chances return Friday and Saturday.