Sarcoxie residents express concern over speeding

Sarcoxie residents express concern over speeding
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Sarcoxie Police are increasing patrols in an effort to crack down on residential speeding in a local mobile home park.

For residents in this mobile home park, safety is a top priority, especially with speeders in the area endangering the lives of their children.

“I actually have six kids and they like to be outside, especially when it’s warm so this is a big deal for us,” said Heather Richards, a mother and manager for the mobile home park.

“There’s a lot of kids around, and it scares us to death when the grandkids are here. I’m like, ‘Don’t get out in the road,’ because they just fly by,” expressed James Bollinger.

With over 80 homes in the park and half being occupied by families with young children, speeding is a major concern.

“Kids don’t pay attention unfortunately. If they’re riding their bikes, if they’re playing with friends, if they’re chasing after a ball…so, its up to us to pay attention and abide by whats going on,” stated Brandy Corum, Chief of Police for the Sarcoxie Police Department.

Officer Corum is taking a personal interest in creating safer streets throughout Sarcoxie, and in this park, where an influx of calls are being made.

“We’re going to step up patrol, especially during more in the evening time when more people are going through, and we have asked the residents of the park to, if they could, get us vehicle descriptions.”

Residents here say that they’ve tried to do what they can to curb speeding in the area, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing drivers down.

“I put a sign out there that said slow down, children playing, they took the sign and threw it away,” said Bollinger.

“They need to drive like their kids live here. They wouldn’t be okay for someone to drive like that in front of their kids,” said Richards.

Authorities say they are considering lowering the speed limit to 10 miles per hour in the mobile home park.