Sarcoxie Nursery Owner speaks on lawsuit against Missouri for denial of cultivation license

Dr. Callicoat believes the scoring system was faulty.

SARCOXIE, Mo. More than 500 companies applied for medical marijuana cultivation licenses. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services awarded only 60.

Dr. Paul Callicoat, Owner of the old Sarcoxie Nursery was ready to fight back after his license was denied, based on his growing site’s score.

That score comes from the cultivation license application. You can find more on that scoring criteria here.

“We found out we were 236, stunned, disbelief, just extremely disappointed. We fortunately had a plan in place an alternate, shouldn’t say alternate, we had a response in place.”

That response was a lawsuit against the State of Missouri.

“We’re suing the State DHSS and what we’re asking for is a temporary restraining order and the reasoning were asking for that is because we don’t want the mess to get any worse, this is a mess, we just happen to be the first company filing a lawsuit” added Callicoat.

Callicoat says the restraining order will stop the state from giving out more licenses.

“And hopefully, hopefully it will throw out all the scoring for the other licensees that haven’t been awarded yet.”

He believes the scoring of the applications was faulty, stating that many of the recipients are from out of state companies and nowhere near ready to begin cultivating.

He says their property is almost complete, is state of the art, pharmaceutical grade and they could begin cultivating in 8 weeks. He questioned if they didn’t make that clear in their application or if the State just didn’t care.

He also wants the 60 license cap to be removed.

“We feel that the state should take the opportunity to use the escape clause in the amendment, in the constitution, that was voted on to resolve this issue and the way we feel that that should happen is that the caps should be taken off.”

The Sarcoxie Nursery has been in preparation to become a medical marijuana cultivation center for over a year.

And Callicoat won’t stop fighting until that becomes reality.

“There are not 60 companies in Missouri stronger than us, something went wrong.”

The hearing for the temporary restraining order will take place December 30th, at 4 P.M. in Jefferson City.