Sarcoxie High School Archers return home National Champions; Trip educational opportunity for student athletes

Assistant Coach Kaycia Woolsey tells us, "a great educational trip with many activities along the way, and the two trophy's are a huge bonus."
Sarcoxie Archery Team returns home. Inset Kaycia Woolsey, Assistant Archery Coach and Sarcoxie School teacher.

SARCOXIE, Mo. — In recent years the Sarcoxie Archery Team and Individual Archers have been bringing home State and National awards.

This last week they have competed in the Western National Tournament near Salt Lake City in Utah.  Monday evening the town welcome their Archers home,

Western National Champions in both 3D & BULLSEYE.  5 podium finishers.” — SARCOXIE ARCHERY TEAM

The tournament is part of the National Archery in the Schools Program.  Their mission is in-school programming aimed at, “improving educational performance among students in grades 4 – 12. Students learn focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life.”

Assistant Coach Kaycia Woolsey tells us archery is a life skill.  “It’s something these kids can practice for life.  Playing football, you don’t do that your whole life.” However even later in life these kids will still hunt and shoot bow and arrow.

The trip though wasn’t just about competing and winning. They planned it as an educational experience for the kids.  “It was amazing, we had a great trip, and a great educational trip with many activities along the way, and the two trophy’s are a huge bonus.” She mentioned that some of their high school kids had never been out of their area before and to broaden their horizons was, “amazing“, you can tell she’s passionate about education, she is a Sarcoxie School teacher as well as assistant coach.

She says, “first of all we went through the Colorado Rockies, many kids have never seen the rocky mountains. Everyone should experience that in their lifetime. We went to Arches National Park, the geological science behind it is phenomenal.”

Sarcoxie Archery Team, Arches National Park.

Sarcoxie Archery Team, Arches National Park. We went to Arches National Park, the geological science behind it is phenomenal,” Assistant Coach Kaycia Woolsey tells us. 

They connected the dots between their sports equipment and manufacturing as they toured the companies who make and manufacture their arrows they use and one of the top bow makers in the world.

While in Salt Lake City we went to the Easton plant, they are who manufacture the arrows we shoot. So we got to see how the arrows are actually manufactured. We went to the Hoyt plant and they make one of the world’s best bows, they showed us how they manufacture bows.”

Additionally the kids visited the ecological wonder, the Great Salt Lake.

I would like to thank the administrators of our school, our school board,” Kaycia tells us, “Our community for all the fundraising and the kids who worked so hard.  And of course the parents. We had many parents make this drive with us and all the trips to practice so it is definitely a team effort.”

  • Here are more details regarding other winners:
  • 5 different individuals take 6 podium spots.
  • Ian Morris- Bulllseye National Champion – 1st place male, 295
  • Ian Morris- 3D National Champion- 1st place male and top overall high score, 293
  • Dalton Thorn – 3D Runner Up champion- 2nd place male, 289
  • Ally Nordell – 3rd place female in 3D, 287
  • Carson Torrance – 3rd place male in Bullseye, 292
  • Alyssa Willis – 4th place female in Bullseye, 290

What’s next year for the program?  How do you top 10 years and numerous national championships?  “We’re building a new building!

Sarcoxie ground breaking

Sarcoxie ground breaking, April 2022, the new building for archery.



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