Samsung hints at Galaxy Note 10 launch date

Samsung has revealed the date for its next press event, at which it’s expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 10.

The company announced that an “Unpacked” event will take place on Aug. 7, in New York.

Although Samsung didn’t disclose specifically what it would show off at the event, the invitation said it will “unveil new devices designed to take the Galaxy ecosystem’s connectivity to the next level.” Included in the invite was an animation of a stylus pen and a camera lens, which strongly suggests the lineup will include the Galaxy Note 10, famous for its S Pen stylus.

The Note 9 was unveiled almost exactly a year prior to the date of the 2019 event. The Note 9 added an “intelligent camera,” which knows what you’re photographing and automatically enhances the image’s colors and focus, and it added longer battery life. Samsung also rolled out a new S Pen, which can act as a remote control. The price began at $999 in the United States.

At the Unpacked event last year, the company also announced the Galaxy Home smart speaker. The product still has yet to ship.

If images circulating on the internet are to be believed, the Note 10 might have a front-facing camera placed beneath the screen and, like the Galaxy S10, a fingerprint reader beneath the screen too.

Samsung is still dealing with the fallout from the bungled launch of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced the phone in February. But when the company sent phones to reviewers, many of them broke. That forced Samsung to delay the planned April launch and the company hasn’t yet said when the nearly $2,000 phone will now ship.

AT&T and Best Buy both canceled preorders for the Fold. WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company, is a part of AT&T.