Salvation Army Hero Day in Joplin

Friday is Salvation Army Hero Day in Joplin.

Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean made the proclamation at Cunningham Park.

Salvation Army workers also handed out shirts and free food as part of the celebration.

Fox 14’s Mike Olmstead was also on hand.

It was all to honor Joplin’s Salvation Army, which began in Joplin back in 1889.

Salvation Army workers say their organization is an army of volunteers.

“They give tirelessly not to just our organization but to all the other organizations that help our community establish who it is, and in rebuilding that’s important to come together and help each other in doing that,” says Lt. James Curry of the Joplin Salvation Army.

Salvation Army tee shirts are for sale for $10 a piece at the Salvation Army location on East 8th Street.

All proceeds will be kept local to help pay for food and supplies.