Salvation Army ‘canteen’ donated to City of Joplin

The Salvation Army of Joplin unveiled it’s new mobile canteen on Tuesday.

The Salvation Army dedicated the canteen to the city of Joplin in a ceremony with Fox 14’s Mike Olmstead as emcee. The canteen was donated by Beacon Roofing Supply.

The vehicle can serve up to 1,500 meals a day as well as distribute clothing and water to those in need.

“It is a big deal, it says we are not forgotten,” says Lt. Jamie Curry of the Salvation Army. “People are remembering what happened here in Joplin. They are still concerned and care about the people.”

“Immediately following the tornado there were 10 of those trucks here in Joplin from different places like Dallas and Kansas City,” says Callie Hudson, the Salvation Army Director of Development. “Now we have the tools to serve other places should they meet a similar fate.”

The canteen served lunch and those in attendance were able to tour inside the vehicle.