Runner in Boston Marathon returns to Joplin

Eight runners from the Four State area competed in Monday’s Boston Marathon and all are safe.

Ken Schramm of Joplin crossed the finish line in three hours and 17 minutes. His two sons were cheering him on near the finish line, right where the first bomb would later go off.

The family had to catch a flight back to Joplin, and Schramm believes the outcome of their trip could have been much different.

“It was just a shock, we are hearing the news when we are at the airport of what just took place and we’re starting to play back in our minds, you know, where we were at that time,” says Schramm. “The clock at the finish line was at 4:09 and I went through there at 3:17 and then all the what if’s come playing through your head.”

Schramm says this isn’t going to stop him from participating in other races but it will make him think twice about his safety and spectators.

“How is this going to affect the Boston Marathon from here on out? I mean, it’s the oldest running marathon and it’s going to be tough from here on out, the major races like that and other events, what do they do about security and going and knowing you’re going to feel safe going there?”

The Run Around Store in Joplin is dedicating it’s weekly fun run to the victims of the Boston Marathon. The run will be Wednesday night at 6:15 starting in front of the store.