Route 66 hot spot up for sale in Carterville

CARTERVILLE, Mo. – A unique treasure along Historic Route 66 has closed its doors and is now up for sale. We decided to stop by this roadside treasure and find out more.

Up on the wall, by the door, in the case, it’s Superman! All at the Superman Museum and Ice Cream Parlor along Carterville’s Main Street run by Larry Tamminen. Why Superman? “Well, Superman was my hero…and it was a big hero…and he still is.”

It’s been an iconic staple along Route 66 since 2006, Tamminen says people from across the globe have paid a visit, giving him a number of unique items. “It’s just stuff like that that’s real personal.”

Including parts of his impressive collection. “Some of this stuff was gave to me, of course, people know that I collect, ‘you want this?’, ‘well yea, give it to me.'”

But now, the sign inviting you in is inviting you to buy a little piece of history, as Tamminen has decided, to close down. “It’s I hate to do it, kids just love it, you meet people from all over the world, I mean travelers from all over it’s really sharp you wouldn’t believe it.”

He’s got a guest book make that, several guest books, signed by visitors from places across the U.S. and the world many written in their native languages. They came for his collection and his famous ice cream flavors, bins, that will now sit empty. As for his reason for closing up shop… “Mainly the body, Superman’s body here, but that’s, yea, 70 years old and retired.”

He’s hopeful somebody with Superman’s strength will swoop in and save the day.

If you’re interested in being Carterville’s new super hero you can find out more from the Supertam Facebook page by clicking here.