Roundabout project scheduled for Missouri Route 171

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. -MoDOT officials say drivers can expect delays and lane closures during construction of a roundabout along Missouri Route 171. The project is scheduled to begin June 1.Mo 171 1

Contractor crews will relocate the intersection at Missouri Route 171/Route 96 and Jasper County Route YY to the east and convert the intersection to a multi-lane roundabout. In addition, an approximately 26-mile stretch of Route 171 between the Missouri/Kansas state line and I-49 will be resurfaced.

Mo 171 3The existing intersection is located immediately adjacent to the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad tracks which parallel Missouri Route 171. Vehicles, especially large semis and farm equipment, approaching from the west on Jasper County Route YY often must sit across the railroad tracks while waiting for a gap in traffic on Route 171. The project will increase the distance between the railroad tracks and Route 171, improving safety.

For much of the construction of the new intersection and roundabout, drivers will be able to travel along the existing roads. However, at times it will be necessary to close the roads. At those times, drivers will be directed to use signed detours along Missouri Route 43 and Jasper County Routes H, M and Z.Mo 171 2

The project costs $9.8 million and officials expect it to be completed by December 15, 2021.