Ross Dress for Less in Joplin reopens, with hundreds of people waiting in line to get in

Only 69 people were allowed into the store at once, going in one by one.

JOPLIN, Mo. – “I thought I wasn’t going to get in I really did” said shopper Gail Jonason.

Hundreds of people from Joplin and surrounding towns lined the sidewalks in front of Ross Dress for Less all the way to overstock as they reopened their doors.

Shopper, Marty Riley who got in line at 8:30 in the morning compared them to Black Friday shopping.

“It’s pretty crazy.”

For Merly Trujillo, she was just excited for the retail store to open up again.

“So far the lines been moving pretty fast and being with my friends it hasn’t been boring, so it’s been alright.”

She says that although the lines were moving…determination from others to get in caused some issues.

“I just witnessed people cutting and getting mad about it but I guess it’s a good wait for the prices, but I guess we’ll see when we get in there.”

Only 69 people were allowed into the store at once, going in one by one.
And with so many people in line, the lack of social distancing worried 61 year-old Jonason.

“I don’t have an immune system.”

But the store announced that elderly customers were going to be allowed in first and to come to the front of the line.

“That was really nice that they let the seniors go in first” said Jonason.

Gail was able to get most of the things she came for and says inside the store was a completely different experience than the outside.

“It was social distancing, the floors were marked very clearly, everyone was helpful and polite and they would help you with your merchandise.”

According to the stores website…
• Six feet apart and the use of face masks is encouraged.
• Fitting, changing and restrooms will remain closed
• Disinfectant wipes are provided for carts and sanitizer for customers.
• One-way shopping aisles and plexiglass shields at registers are being implemented along with additional cleaning and daily health checks for associates.
For more information on safety procedures and store openings for Ross, you can find that on their website.