Rock’n Aurora concert venue rescinded amid COVID-19, protest concerns

AURORA, Mo. – The City of Aurora rescinds its permission for Rock’n Aurora.

Full Press Release:

It is with great reluctance that the City Council of the City of Aurora has decided to rescind its permission for the Aurora Historical Society to use Baldwin Park as the venue for the Rock’n Aurora concert scheduled for June 26, 2020.

Citing continuing concerns regarding the ongoing COVID19 outbreak, as well as widespread protests in connection with the death of George Floyd, the Aurora City Council discussed that many other events around the region and the County have been cancelled or greatly scaled down this year. This includes local Aurora events such as the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s Light the Night event. Cancellations from other events were causing the amount of vendors to expand for the Rock’n Aurora concert and also increasing interest in this event. There was growing concern that this could potentially draw a much larger crowd than originally anticipated and the event would be more than local resources would be able to manage adequately when coupled with ongoing social distancing concerns in relation to COVID19.

The Aurora Police Chief, Richard Witthuhn also discussed advisories that the Aurora Police Dept. received from the state regarding the potential for protests in connection with the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement at local events. Large crowds could be a draw for protesters, and the safety and welfare of the community is a primary concern for the community.

The City Council regrets that this decision had to be made but believes that the best interests of the community and the City as an organization are served by this decision at this time.