Rockers’ family seeks justice

Rockers’ family seeks justice
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Cell Phone Video Plays: “I love you so much bubby, you rock my world. I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I’m getting my life straightened so I can come see you.”

A voice from beyond the grave, as Adrianne Grimes shares the last video she ever received from her fiance, Shawn Rockers.

“We’ve had a rough relationship. You know, normal couples do. It was off and on for a long time, but he was a great dad,” said Grimes.

A great dad, to seven-year-old Isaiah, the spitting image of his father, a painful reminder to his mother.

“I’m jealous. I’m a jealous mother because I want my son, too. I know he’s my grandson, but I want my, I want my son, too,” said a tearful Canddi Rockers.

Rockers was stabbed and killed on January 11, but his mother felt like she lost her son a long time ago after he fell in with a bad crowd and turned to using meth.

“He went in a different direction in life than we wanted. Our hands were tied. We couldn’t help him. I always told people Shawn was not a leader. He was a follower,” said Rockers’ mother, Canddi.

Grimes and Rockers were both stunned, though, when they learned of his murder.

“I was in shock, I assume that’s what I was. Just shock. And the detectives showed up and let us know that he had been stabbed, and that he had passed,” said Rockers.

“We’re trying to absorb the news and absorb what we were being told,” explained Grimes.

Police quickly identified 33-year-old Michael Osborne as the suspect, after a witness came forward, but the motivation behind the attack is unknown and Rockers wants answers now.

“The system let my son down. I understand once you get in trouble, you’re a criminal, and they look at you just as a criminal. They don’t look at you no more as a person. He was a man. He was a great, great man,” said Rockers.

While Rocker’s mother feels not enough is being done to solve her son’s case, Joplin police say they’ve been working around the clock to catch Michael Osborne.

In a statement, Captain Trevor Duncan said:
“The fact that he (Osborne) had an arrest warrant in 24 hours shows how hard the case is being worked.”

For now, though, all Rockers’ mother and fiance have, are the tattoos he created.

“I look at them constantly to think about those moments that we spent just doing those things together,” said Rockers.

Rockers’ believes her son’s addiction was a symptom of mental health issues, and would like to see mental hygiene warrants in the State of Missouri, which allow family members to hospitalize persons who might harm themselves or others.

The family started a Facebook fundraiser to hire a private investigator to help track down Michael Osborne.

Osborne has a million dollar bond for murder.