Rising Number of Students Using GoFundMe to Pay for School

Rising Number of Students Using GoFundMe to Pay for School

Since 2010, GoFundMe campaigns have raised thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars for people in need. In many cases, its helping someone who is sick but now a growing number of students are turning to the site to help pay for school. Nationally, $60 million has been raised online for college tuition. In Kansas, nearly $9,000.
They say ask, and you shall receive. Joel Britez, an international student at Pittsburg State University, used GoFundMe to ask for financial help, setting a goal of raising $2000.
“For my health insurance, which was $480, and then tuition,” he says.
Originally from Paraguay, his scholarship only covers so much. He’s gotten several donations and only has about $200 to go.
But what does it take to get someone to click donate?
“For school I think it would be okay because schooling is really expensive these days,” says Morgan James.
“There has to be a purpose, I can see medical bills being part of that, tornado relief, hurricane relief, something like that but I definitely don’t want to fund someone else’s vacation when I would like to go on one myself,” says Tami Sanderson.
“I feel like it’s nice to give if I’m able to for cancer treatments and things like that, that makes more sense,” adds Hannah Sanderson.
In the week since the Fromeyer family of Ottawa County found out that mother and wife Kasha has leukemia, they’ve already been given $1,200 to help pay for medical bills.
“We have a lot of support, a big support group, they told me that I don’t need to worry about it, the family is going to help us out and I just need to be here with my wife,” says Michael Fromeyer. They already have 3 children and his wife is pregnant and currently undergoing treatment in Kansas City.
Even if some disagree with helping Britez pay for school, he says it’s a worthy cause.
“I really wanted to learn about political science international relations so I could go back to my country and help solve stuff so to those people I would tell them, even though it might not really help you, help those who can’t achieve their goals because it will benefit other people, ” says Britez.

The link to his GoFundMe is: https://www.gofundme.com/help-joel-pay-for-school
The Fromeyer family will be holding a benefit event on March 4 at the Elks Lodge located at 401 S Main Street in Miami. The link to her GoFundMe page is: https://www.gofundme.com/prayers-for-kasha?ssid=918209896&pos=1