Ribbon cutting celebrates progress at Jasper County Juvenile Center

Jasper County Juvenile Center set to open in April
Ribbon cutting celebrates progress at Jasper County Juvenile Center
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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – A multi million dollar project in Jasper County is almost complete.

A ribbon cutting was held at the new *nearly* complete Jasper County Juvenile Center.

The center is expected to open next month in April.. and will be a lot more than just a place to put troubled youth.

When it’s complete, the center will include several classrooms, an assessment area and a full courtroom.

Erik Theis, Jasper County Court Administrator:”We know through the research that the further you drive a child into the juvenile justice system, the more apt that they will get in more trouble. And so our focus is on classrooms, skill building, education, which will help them.. prevent them from getting into any more trouble down the road.”

Something a lot of people are excited to see.

David Mouton, Jasper County Judge:”This is going to be a tremendous facility. The old house we previously had, which was converted into a juvenile facility, was so small and so inadequate. This is going to be an excellent resource for our youth.”

The eight-point-six million dollar facility was paid for with a county wide quarter cent sales tax that was approved in 2016.