Residents scramble to file taxes before midnight deadline

Tax pros suggest filing tax extensions
Residents scramble to file taxes before midnight deadline
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Suzzane Steinbeck, Joplin Resident:”I’m a little bit of a procrastinator.. but she’s bailing me out and I appreciate that.”

Suzanne Steinbeck files her tax return with Robbin’s Tax Service.. something she’s been putting off for longer than she likes to admit.

Steinbeck:”I’ve had a busy time with my grandchildren.. I just was late.”

But she’s not the only one that waited to file until the last day.

Elizabeth Crane, Liz’s Tax Service:”It’s been nuts because of course everyone likes to wait until the last minute to file.”

Melissa Robbins, Robbin’s Tax Service:”We’ve had a lobby full of people pretty much all day.”

Melissa Robbins says there’s been a steady stream of customers in her office since seven A.M.

Robbins:”I am scheduled every hour on the hour.. and some thirty minutes in between.”

Pat Kelly at Joplin Tax Service filed several returns as well as extensions early in the day.. but closed the doors at noon.

Pat Kelly, Joplin Tax Service:”We’ve been leaning into it since January the second.. so we’re ready to rest.”

Elizabeth Crane at says the hectic day is just a taste of how it’s been all season because of tax reform and the government shutdown.

Crane:”When there’s reform, the software companies and the IRS are supposed to take what the tax code is and put it into form. If those forms aren’t released yet.. how are we even able to file without that information? But this year that’s how it started out. So with the government being shut down, I feel like it just delayed so many things.”

Professionals say if you can’t get your taxes done on time, your best bet is to file an extension before the deadline at midnight, and then get them done as soon as possible.

Crane:”Filling an extension can save you from a lot of penalties.. the failure to file, failure to file a timely return.. but not failure to pay.”

So, if you have to file late.. preparers say to get it done as soon as possible to keep from raking up a large penalty.

Kelly:”If you owe money.. the sooner you file, the sooner you can start minimizing that penalty.”

Midnight is also the deadline for paying taxes if you owe on your return.

If you don’t owe taxes, you won’t have a penalty for not filing on time.

For that reason Crane says if you chose to file an extension, it’s a good idea to send some form of payment with it.

If you need to use the extension form, follow this link.