Residents receive health enrollment assistance

Residents receive health enrollment assistance

Americans are running out of time to get health insurance for the year. Open enrollment in the marketplace ends at the end of the month. Residents have the opportunity to weigh their options for health coverage.

John Clark is relieved to have health insurance again. Since retiring and starting a landscaping business of his own, he had a gap in coverage. When he needed to get covered again, he didn’t think he could figure it out on his own.

“Being able to come in and have their answers from somebody who knows instead of you know looking into a computer screen and reading something that makes you go huh,” says Clark.

He was 1 of many at Freeman’s health enrollment assistance event in Carthage. Certified application counselors compare federal marketplace insurance options and can enroll residents in health plans.

“There were a couple different options to have and I feel good over the one that I took,” says Clark.

Under the Affordable Care Act, citizens need to have insurance, enroll in a marketplace plan, or pay a penalty. The counselors show people the affordable options available.

“When we have a law that some people have strong feelings one way or another about it, unfortunately it’s still the law and I want people to have accurate information and what they do with it is completely up to them,” says Camille Midcap, the lead counselor.

According to the 2014 census, 33 million Americans remain uninsured and 48 percent of them cite high costs as the reason for not having proper health coverage.

“It’s a scary thing to get sick. It’s not like everybody has enough in their savings to take care of that bill once your problem has been diagnosed,” says Clark.

And finding the right plan not only helps Clark save some money, it provides him with peace of mind.

“Anything can happen at any time, it’s always a relief to know that you’re covered,” he adds.

This is the third year Freeman has provided health enrollment assistance. It is a part of the Cover Missouri Coalition, an effort to promote quality, affordable health coverage.