Residents in Arma Petitioning KDOT for Changes Along Highway 69

Residents in Arma Petitioning KDOT for Changes Along Highway 69
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Residents in Arma – are asking the state to help protect their citizens, by reducing the speed limit on highway 69.
Sherry Adams prays every day she crosses this highway that she’ll make it to the other side, because of the rushing traffic.

Sherry Adams: “I have to cross it to get to Dollar General, and, they don’t slow down, and it takes, sometimes it takes a long time for me to be able to get across the highway.”
As for her mode of transportation…Adams has to use a power chair…which doesn’t come with air bags, and she can’t ‘punch it’ across the highway.
She’s afraid of becoming a statistic.
On September 11th of last year, 87 year old Fred Bogina was killed when he failed to yield for a semi truck at the intersection of highway 69 and 640 road.
There have been several accidents over the years, but this one, sparked a petition gathering signatures in an effort to convince KDOT that 65 mph…is just too fast.
Bryan Lewis: “I feel like reducing the speed limit would actually help, I know that a lot of people are just trying to get to work and everything, but, we’ve got to be safe, you know, a lot of us have little ones in the car.”
Not everybody is on board.
Dallas Marshall: “I don’t think that reducing the speed limit would do us any good, I think that it probably needs to be a traffic light.”
George Dockery with KDOT told us the state has just completed a traffic survey in response to the petition.
Dockery tells us that having a stronger police presence could help in the short term.
He’s not alone.
Lewis: “Maybe the solution isn’t so much reducing the speed limit but having more eyes on the highway.”
But Sherry, doesn’t think that will be enough.
Adams: “I’m not the only one that, you know, comes across in their wheelchairs or their power scooters.”
Adams says she agrees with Dallas Marshall and hopes a traffic signal becomes the solution to make the crossing safer for everyone.