Resident concerned over a Noel officer’s apparent anti-Muslim, anti-Somalian posts

Noel Marshall says officer is allowed own opinion

A Noel resident, who wants to remain anonymous for their own safety, fears for the safety of the community after seeing public Facebook posts from Officer Michael Gallahue. The resident feels the posts are anti-Muslim and anti-Somalian.

“All of these different things showing that he truly and honestly believed that Somalian and Muslims are not good people, and he posted them public where all the citizens can see it.”

“He had one post that said that we should send all the Somalian refugees to cannibals, there was a post that it’s impossible for Muslims to be good Americans.”

The posts worried this resident.

“I like to trust all police officers, I have friends that are officers and most of them are good people but when you see someone like this in a small town when you know it might be the only one there when you call for help? Do you really think you can trust that person?”

The city of Noel is home to a large population of Muslim and Somalian refugees.

“It’s horrible in this community that is so multi-cultural, with people from different countries and backgrounds and religions and races, for someone to be so blatantly discriminatory.”

The resident is not a Muslim or Somalian, but felt they had an incline to speak out about it.

“I’ve always thought that everyone has the right to believe and be who they are as long as you’re not infringing upon others rights. And seeing a public servant, someone who is supposed to serve and protect the entire community, being discriminating against someone just because of their religion or where they came from…it made me sick.”

Marshall Paul Gardner of the Noel Police Department said that everyone is allowed their own opinion. He added that Officer Gallahue is trusted by many in the community and that since this has been brought to his attention, he is monitoring his officers Facebook pages.
Officer Gallahue’s Facebook page has been switched to private.
Marshall Gardner also added that his department “takes special care to try their best with all ethnicities in the community”

The resident hopes something can be done moving forward and that the community can feel safe with its law enforcement.

“Our community is small, and I think we all have to take care of each other and in order to do that you have to care for everybody regardless of who or where they come from”


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