Rep. Jake LaTurner speaks-out following tour of southern border

Part 1: Southern Border

Part 2: Afghanistan Withdrawal

WASHINGTON – Kansas 2nd District Rep. Jake LaTurner joined Michael Hayslip on the KOAM Morning News to discuss his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico Border and the planned withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. The first-term Republican congressman visited parts of the southern border in McAllen and El Paso, Texas.

“It is absolutely a crisis,” said Rep. LaTurner. “I interacted with young unaccompanied children that had just gone through weeks of travel with drug smugglers. The drug cartels get paid every time there’s a border crossing illegally. They control the Mexican side of the border so well, that you have to pay them to get across. And so children are going through a terrible, harrowing journey.”

Rep. LaTurner called on the President Joe Biden to resume construction of the border wall and appropriate more funds for border patrol.

“They need more manpower, they need more equipment. They are being asked to do jobs that they were never trained to do. They are being asked to be social workers right now in many instances. They are detaining these unaccompanied children and meanwhile we have the drug cartels slipping fentanyl and methamphetamines across the southern border,” said Rep. LaTurner.

The congressman was also asked about President Biden’s announcement to withdraw all troop from Afghanistan by September 11.

“We have been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years now,” said Rep. LaTurner. “It is something the American are hungry to end, and you’ve seen a bipartisan effort to do it. The Trump administration negotiated an earlier date. I wish the Biden administration could have stuck with that, and I’m hoping that they’ll keep their word. It’s time to bring our troops home. We can not be the policemen for the world. As you’ve see on our southern border, we have issues we need to deal with right here and right now.”