Remembering Chris Darnell, Shockwave Jet Truck driver, friends raise money for memorial

“Please consider helping honor Chris’ legacy and supporting his family through this tragedy.” — FRIENDS OF CHRIS DARNELL
Go fund me

REPUBLIC, Mo. — Last Saturday the tragic crash of Shockwave Jet Truck in Michigan claimed the life of driver Chris Darnell.

Shockwave Jet Truck was created in the Joplin area by the Shockley family in SEKansas. About 10 years about Darnell Racing Enterprises of Republic, Mo. who have roots based in Picher and Cardin, Okla., purchased the racing outfit.


Chris Darnell has been racing his whole life. Taking the wheel of Shockwave Jet Truck these past years was his passion. His father Neal remembered him this week in memorial:

“We are so sad.  Just one month ago Chris turned 40.  He was so well loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show business. He was ‘Living the Dream’ as he said”

Friends have created a GO FUND ME to raise funds for Chris Darnell’s wife and daughters.

We created this page to honor the legacy of Chris Darnell. We want to help support his loving wife, Brooke and beautiful young daughters, Reese (14) and Taylor (12), during this unimaginably difficult time. Chris passed away on Saturday, July 2nd, in a tragic accident while performing in the Shockwave Jet Truck during the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow.

Chris performed and entertained millions at airshows and races in Shockwave each year. Chris loved his craft and excelled at bringing joy to those who watched him perform or were lucky to know him.

In 2018, Chris and the Darnell family were awarded the Art Scholl Showmanship award by the International Council of Airshows for their decades of exemplary work as performers and entertainers in the airshow industry. However, Chris’ love for performing could not match his love for Brooke, Reese, and Taylor.

Please consider helping honor Chris’ legacy and supporting his family through this tragedy.

The Go Fund Me shares numerous photos of Chris and his daughters, his wife Brooke and his parents.

Stay with Joplin News First on KOAM News Now as funeral plans habe yet to be announced for Darnell who lives in the Republic, Mo. area.

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