Recent Water Samples Could Lift SE Kansas Water Boil Order

Recent Water Samples Could Lift SE Kansas Water Boil Order

Things could be better at the place you go to get better.

“It has been an inconvenience,” says Ruth Duling with the Girard Medical Center.

The Girard Medical Center, like everyone else in town, has been under a boil order for the past four days.

“We’ve rescheduled patients who were scheduled for surgery to next week,” says Duling.

It’s all because of a new water tower. Girard recently switched from a ground storage tank for its residents to a water tower. The reason for this change was the ground tank was becoming too expensive to maintain.

“Price of progress,” says Girard City Manager Chris Weiner.

Higher water storage means more water pressure in the City’s infrastructure. Several underground water mains have sprung leaks. Flow regulators have since been installed as quick fixes for lower water pressure.

Girard’s city manager says the pipes are big enough to handle the extra water pressure. But they’re too old and weak.

“We need to be able to fill that tower,” says Weiner. “Not only for the purposes of having the water storage for fire protection and water emergencies; but to be able to meet KDHE requirements for service, we need to be able to fill that tower.”

The city manager is thinking of ways to replace the old water pipes. It’s not an easy proposition.

“The City’s debt right now is extremely high,” says Weiner.

In the meantime, people in Girard will have to cross their fingers that nothing major happens again. Girard Medical workers, in particular, are going with the flow.

“We’re trying to remain supportive of the City. They’re doing everything they can to get the problem taken care of,” says Duling.

The City has one other new water tower that is not being used right now. City officials want to make sure pipes can handle the water pressure from one tower, let alone two.

Water pressures have risen to levels accepted by the KDHE. Water sample results could come tomorrow and allow for that order to be lifted.